Mill Creek Daylighting Open House

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Mill Creek Daylighting Public Open House

Date and Time: Wednesday, November 16, 2016 from 4:00-8:30 pm

Location: Cloverdale Community League, 9411-97 Avenue, Edmonton, AB

Light refreshments will be provided.

We would like to invite you to the first public open house for the project, taking place at the Cloverdale Community League on November 16, 2016 from 4:00-8:30 pm. Much of the information presented will be similar to that presented at the October 25 workshop. This event, however, will be open to the general public and will give the project team the opportunity to introduce the project to all Edmontonians. This event will also allow us to understand what residents, visitors, and commuters value and prioritize in the area. For those of you who were not able to attend the visioning workshop, we hope that you will be able to attend the November 16 event to get a better understanding of the project and provide any thoughts or comments you may have.

As the November 16 event will be open to everyone, I encourage you to spread the word to your contacts and to the broader community through newsletters, website posts, and social media. We’d like to hear from as many people as possible during the open house, so please feel free to pass along the event details to those you think may be interested in attending.

A second public open house will be held in early December, at which time, we will be seeking feedback on the conceptual restoration options currently under development. I will be in touch to provide the date and location of this event once those details are finalized.

Once again, thank you for interest in the project, and I hope to see you at the November and December public open house events.




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