Cloverdale League Seeks New Communications Director

Mar 27, 2023News & Events0 comments


Your Cloverdale Community League is seeking a new Communications Director, as the current one is moving out of the community. Please consider putting your name forward by emailing:!

The Communications Director is responsible for getting the word out to the community about events, programs, and news. They do so by submitting articles to the South East Voice, posting on social media, updating the hall sign, posting on the website’s blog, and helping send out the occasional Cloverdale Chronicle or special mailer. This role is currently, and can be, done by a team; you don’t need to be an expert in all of these particular areas to do the role. An ability to clearly, and perhaps succinctly, write news and a willingness to ask questions is the most important skill. Can you help your neighbourhood by taking on the role? If you are interested, curious, or know someone who might be, please reach out! We’re happy to welcome you to the board and appreciate your willingness to help build a more connected Cloverdale. Please email us for any questions or to put a name forward:

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