Ice Rink Rentals

Cloverdale Ice Rink Rental

The Cloverdale skating rink is at the base of Gallagher Hill and beside the Cloverdale Community League Hall. The rink is available to use for free for all community league members.

Skating for the 2022–2023 season is currently OPEN.

Special rentals

If there is a CCL member that wants to have the ice dedicated for a special event, they can request it and we’ll see if it can be accommodated. Please note that the rink is managed by volunteers, and there may be some delay in accommodating your request, so please book as much in advance as possible. You can make requests via email at


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Help Out!

We need your help to keep the rink in tip-top condition! Please volunteer to help maintain the ice by emailing Jordan and

Cloverdale Ice Rink
Rink Rules
  • Alcohol is prohibited
  • Helmets are strongly recommended
  • Children should be supervised by a responsible person/adult
  • Use of cell phones and/or headphones while on the ice is not recommended
  • Carrying an infant on the ice is not recommended
  • Skaters should skate at a safe speed
  • No loitering along rink boards
  • Skating in a manner that endangers or interferes with other skater’s safety or pleasure is strictly forbidden
  • No fighting, pushing, checking, foul language, smoking, spitting or high sticking
  • The Community League reserves the right to revoke privileges from any person who does not follow rules, shows unacceptable conduct, or for any other just cause
  • Community League assumes no responsibility for the actions of individual and/or group users