June Bike Challenge

May 20, 2021News0 comments

The June Bike Challenge was first organized by Ritchie Community League last year and approximately 17 community leagues joined the fun. This year 18 communities have signed up, including Cloverdale.

This event is only for the month of June and is a great opportunity to keep active during COVID-19 restrictions and improve your mental health.

If you’re interested in participating, all you need to do is email the social director every Sunday night in June with the number of km you managed to ride for the week. The weekly results for Cloverdale and the Edmonton-wide rankings will be posted so we can keep track of our progress as the challenge goes on. Cloverdale’s team is called Cloverdale United.

Last year, Cloverdale had 67 participants and we managed to come in second to Ritchie, which was a fantastic achievement considering the size of our community. This year, they are looking into accounting for the size of the communities and the number of participants in each community in order to help level the playing field.

Let’s all get out our bikes this June, record the kilometres we ride each week, and let’s see if we can out-ride Ritchie this year!

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