2021 AGM

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Join us for the Cloverdale Community League’s 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM). Any residents of the community are invited.


Date: Sunday, June 27, 2021

Time: 2pm

Location: Online on “RingCentral” platform. Download and installation of the app required. Link sent via email after RSVPing)

RSVP: Please RSVP before June 26th at this link: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/cloverdale-community-league-annual-general-meeting-registration-157884110625

 Questions? If you have any issues or questions regarding this event, please contact info@cloverdalecommunity.com 




Updated June 23, 2021. Subject to change.


Welcome & Introductions – President, Darryl McGavigan

Instructions about using Virtual Meeting Format – EFCL


  • Greetings from the City of Edmonton – Councillor Ben Henderson
  • Greetings from the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL) – Laura Cunningham-Shpeley
  • Greetings from District J & South East Community Leagues Association – Anita Lunden

Presentations (5 minutes presentation/5 minutes Q & A)

  • Edmonton Folk Music Festival – Update on Proposed Site Improvements
  • City of Edmonton – Accidental Beach – Update on site management, amenities, safety, parking, etc.  Q & A
  • City of Edmonton – Dealing with Encampments.  Q & A
  •  City of Edmonton – Drainage Renovations to Gallagher Park.  Q & A
  • Edmonton Ski Club – Report on upgrades and programs.  Q & A

—Short Break/Transition to Annual General Meeting

  1. Call to Order – President, Darryl McGavigan
  2. Land Acknowledgement – Communications Director, Alexa Guse
  3. Establish Quorum (A quorum for the AGM is 10 members)
  4. Adoption of 2021 AGM Agenda
    1. Motion to adopt agenda as presented.
  5. Adoption of 2020 AGM Minutes as presented
    1. Motion to adopt 2020 AGM minutes as presented.
  6. Business Arising from 2020 AGM – None
  7. President’s Report/Highlights from Annual Report – Darryl McGavigan
    1. Motion to accept President’s Annual Report as presented. 
  8. Treasurer’s Report – 2020-2021 Financial Report
    1. Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report as presented 
    2. Mover/Seconder from the floor
  9. Appointment of Reviewers for 2021-22 Financial Report
    1. Nominations from the floor
  10. Membership Fees
    1.   Motion to maintain all membership fees at the current rate of $25/family and $12/individual for 2021-22.  
  11. Elections
    1.  Ratification of Appointments to mid-term vacancies
      1. President – Dave Bourne to complete remainder of 2020-2022 term 
      2. Communications – Alexa Guse to complete remainder of 2020-2022 term 
      3. EFMF Liaison Chair – Jayne Bawden to complete remainder of 2020-2022 term
  12. Elections (see Bios in Appendix)
    1.  Civics Director – two-year term from AGM 2021 until AGM 2023
      1. Candidate – Carly Toronchuck
    2.   Social – two-year term from AGM 2021until AGM 2023
      1. Candidate – Leigh Newton
    3.   Treasurer – for a one-year term from AGM 2021 until AGM 2022
      1. Candidate – Al Skoreyko
  13. Confirmation of Committee Leader Appointments
    1.    Abundant Community – Neighbourhood Connector – Marilyn Mucha
    2.    Casino – Bev Bennett
    3.    Edmonton Ski Club Liaison – Lisa Prins
    4.    Facility Committee/Red Green Crew – VACANT  
    5.    Flood Mitigation – Eric Lobay
    6.    Gallagher Park Concept Plan – Kirsten Hannaford
    7.    LRT – Graham Leggett
    8.    Garden Club Chair – Margaret McVea
    9.    Membership – Marilyn Mucha
    10. Rink Maintenance Committee – VACANT
    11. Seniors – VACANT
  14. Thanks to outgoing board and committee members
  15. New Business
    1.   Call for volunteers for the “CCL Red Green Crew” which is a group of volunteers to deal with incidental repairs and maintenance of CCL facilities of a timely basis, implement a preventative maintenance program for CCL facilities and recommend to the CCL board of directors’ larger capital projects including scope of work and recommendations of contractors.
  16. Set date for 2022 AGM – June 26, 2022
  17. Adjournment 

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Volunteers Needed!

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