Partial Parking Program in effect

Jul 26, 2021News0 comments

Accidental Beach


The partial parking limit program will be finished after the September Long Weekend (the week of September 5th, after the Labour Day long weekend). This means that parking will once again be open to non-residents and there is no longer a need for residents to display a pass when parking on the street



While Accidental Beach is a fun addition to the River Valley, it has presented some parking issues for Cloverdale residents. On top of the already reduced parking due to LRT construction, some Cloverdale residents have had their usual parking spots taken up by out-of-community beach-goers.

In an effort to reserve more parking for residents, a partial parking program has been implemented in Cloverdale to limit the parking of non-residents, effective immediately. This requires residents west of (and including) 95th street to display a parking pass on their car dash in order to not get ticketed. If you live in the designated area (please see map below for visual reference), you should have received a parking pass in the mail. If you did not receive your pass or have additional questions, please contact Jane at:

As residents of Cloverdale, the Cloverdale Community League is working with the City to adjust this program as needed, and to advocate for the community. We thank you for your patience as we try to find the best method that accommodates the needs of as many residents as possible.

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