Mini-Legends Games

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Athletics Alberta's mascot, Zeus, high-fives children

What: Compete against your neighbourhood friends by participating in station-centered activities using concepts of run, jump and throw. It will be a fun-filled day of physical activities, social connections, snacks, making memories and team bonding for kids in Cloverdale.

The games will be facilitated by coaches from the Athletics Alberta Mini-Legends

Where: Gallagher Park adjacent to community hall
When: 10:00AM – 12:30 Sunday August 28 th
Who: Cloverdale community members aged 5 – 12


More Info:
Kids will be placed in groups based on age and will engage in some friendly
competition. The event will consist of an opening and closing ceremonies and eight
stations (including a snack station!). They will be at each station for 15 minutes. Here
are the stations:
#1 Test Your Speed
#2 How Far Can You Throw?
#3 Legendary Obstacles
#4 Disc Slam
#5 Legendary Relays e
#6 Snack Break
#7 Big Shot

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