Like books? Join the Club!

Sep 6, 2022News0 comments

book club

Let’s get reading!

Cloverdale Book Club meets at 7pm on the last Monday of each month (please visit the event calendar for the latest info in case of rescheduling) often at the Cloverdale Community Hall. 

Here’s how it works:

You can (if you want!) sign up to host one month during the year where you bring a “book bag kit” (you can borrow them from Edmonton Public library). The book bag is brought to the meeting one month before you host so everyone can get reading. Often you can bring a snack on theme with the book for a little extra fun. 

Sometimes we have had hosts choose to recommend a book the can be obtained through Libby and members read it on their e-readers. A couple of times a host has bought enough books to give to members. It is recommended to not have members purchase books in order to keep costs down. 


Contact Susan at .  New members are invited to drop in on September 26th at 7pm at the hall!

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