Chronicle: Oct 2022

Oct 15, 2022Cloverdale Chronicle0 comments

The Chronicle is the somewhat-quarterly newsletter from the Cloverdale Community League. The October 2022 edition featured the following articles:

  • Trains on Track; Grand Opening … Not So Much

  • Help Make Card Night a Full House

  • Create aChristmas Tablescape
  • Rink Renovation Slated for Spring

  • PJ Perry Jazz Night
  • Ski Club Announces New Facility
  • New Membership Perks for Cloverdale
  • Like a Good Book? Join the Club!
  • Folk Fest Summary
  • Berries & Urban Foraging at Bennett
  • Cloverdale Flu & Covid Vaccine Clinic
  • Cloverdale Community League Seeks New President & Vice-President
  • Thanks for Enjoying the September Celebration!

  • Halloween Party is Creeping Up
  • Sportball Gets Rolling
  • New Hatha Yoga Classes at the Hall

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