Folk Fest Thank You

Sep 7, 2022News0 comments

folk fest 2022

In the heart of Treaty 6 Territory, our Cloverdale community welcomed back 350 Musicians, 2600 Volunteers, 30 Vendors, 30 Artisan Market Vendors and an incredible 56,000 guests to our beautiful Gallagher Park. What an incredible Folk Fest!

Among the many changes this year, our community took over the distribution of the wristbands along with the parking passes. We now have the strongest membership ever to date, several new volunteers have joined us, and the Cloverdale Community Board is grateful for everyone’s contributions to helping our community come together.

I would like to send a huge thank you to our CCL Board, our new Folk Fest sub-committee members, and the volunteers that stepped up to help distribute the wristbands and parking passes. The distribution wouldn’t have been possible without the help from Culina’s at the Muttart and the City of Edmonton for helping provide this space after losing access to the Bennett Centre this year. Also, a huge thank you to all residents of Cloverdale for being wonderful community-oriented citizens.

A huge shout out to the Cloverdale Youth Group with their family members that ran the CCL Concession during the festival weekend. This is a wonderful experience we can provide for the youth that live in our area.

I also want to thank everyone with the Edmonton Folk Music Festival and the City of Edmonton; it was a wonderful experience working with everyone to help implement a wonderful weekend of music for everyone to enjoy. I will be working with the EFMF and the City of Edmonton over the next few months to ensure Gallagher Park is returned back to its original state.

— Jayne Bawden

Folk Festival Liaison Director
Cloverdale Community Board Member

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