Join The CCL Board!

Feb 6, 2023News0 comments

Cloverdale Hall in winter witht he Edmonton skyline in the background

We’re looking for caring community members to join the board!

What is the CCL Board, and what do they do?

The Cloverdale Community League (CCL) Board is a group of volunteers from Cloverdale who are responsible for helping create local amenities in our community (such as the Community Hall, Community Garden, skating rink, etc), create or help facilitate local programming (such as sportball, yoga, skating events and more), social events (music nights, holiday parties, Community League Day events, Block parities, etc), and liaison with the City and other organizations (such as with our City Councillor, Folk Fest representatives, and more) to ensure the community has a voice.

Why Should You Volunteer?

Different members of the board oversee different tasks, and everyone works together. The more people that can volunteer and help out, the less work it is for everyone, and the more diverse perspectives and expertise we can have at the table to inform decisions. We can all contribute to building a friendly, safe, and happy community for all.

What Board Positions Are Needed?

Currently, Vice President, President, and Social Director are very much needed! These roles are vacant as the people filling them have either moved outside the community, or have finished their term. While the responsibilities of these roles require dedication and time, there is a board of well-equipped, friendly, and very helpful community members prepared to support whoever steps in. 

Vice President & President: These two community members help facilitate board meetings, prep agendas, and support community league initiatives, such as facilitating Hall Renovation plans or addressing community concerns. They work with other members of the board to stay informed on what’s happening in the community and what plans the board is working on. They provide leadership by facilitating community initiatives, navigating conflict, and encouraging membership. Usually these roles requires some understanding of board meeting protocol, a level-headed demeanour, and a community-focused mindset.

Social Director: This community member helps facilitate events and activities, and works with other members of the board to get the word out and get the events happening. The Social Director will work with the board and members of the community to develop events that appeal to different demographics, and that foster community and encourage people to get out and make connections with their neighbours. They are encouraged to oversee a small social committee so many hands can make light work. The Social Director is usually a person who enjoys community-building, has some experience planning activities or events, and has a friendly disposition.

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