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Call for participation in Gallagher Park Master Plan – Participant Invitation
The Cloverdale Community League is looking for two volunteers from the community league to be our representatives on the Gallagher Park Master Plan project.  One position sits on the Steering Committee and the other position sits on the Project.  Details about the terms of reference and time commitment or each position are continued in the attached letter from the City of Edmonton.  The Gallagher Park Master Plan is an exciting project that has to potential to shape how this neighbourhood asset is developed and used for generations.  The Cloverdale Community League is celebrating is 100th anniversary in 2020.  We’ve got an opportunity to help build a legacy for our neighbourhood for future generations of Cloverdale residents and Edmontonians.  If you’re in interested in either of these positions, please send an email ‘expression of interest’ indicating which position interests you and your background, skills and why your interested in the position to <president@cloverdalecommunity.com>.  The application deadline is noon, November 11, 2016.  This short turn around time is due to the fact that the City of Edmonton would like to know who our representatives are by November 15th.
Winter Fun Fest Steering Committee Representative
The City of Edmonton is seeking community league representatives to serve on a ‘Winter Fun Fest” Steer Committee.  You may recall that Cloverdale hosted the first event in 2013 and since then other community leagues have hosted the annual winter festival.  The event has grown each year from the original one that was hosted.  The first meeting of the steering committee is on November 17th.  If you’re interested in participating, please send an email indicating your interest to <president@cloverdalecommunity.com> by noon November 11th


Mill Creek Daylighting Open House

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Mill Creek Daylighting Public Open House

Date and Time: Wednesday, November 16, 2016 from 4:00-8:30 pm

Location: Cloverdale Community League, 9411-97 Avenue, Edmonton, AB

Light refreshments will be provided.

We would like to invite you to the first public open house for the project, taking place at the Cloverdale Community League on November 16, 2016 from 4:00-8:30 pm. Much of the information presented will be similar to that presented at the October 25 workshop. This event, however, will be open to the general public and will give the project team the opportunity to introduce the project to all Edmontonians. This event will also allow us to understand what residents, visitors, and commuters value and prioritize in the area. For those of you who were not able to attend the visioning workshop, we hope that you will be able to attend the November 16 event to get a better understanding of the project and provide any thoughts or comments you may have.

As the November 16 event will be open to everyone, I encourage you to spread the word to your contacts and to the broader community through newsletters, website posts, and social media. We’d like to hear from as many people as possible during the open house, so please feel free to pass along the event details to those you think may be interested in attending.

A second public open house will be held in early December, at which time, we will be seeking feedback on the conceptual restoration options currently under development. I will be in touch to provide the date and location of this event once those details are finalized.

Once again, thank you for interest in the project, and I hope to see you at the November and December public open house events.




Community News and Updates

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Carbon Busters Information Session (October 5)

As a follow up to the discussion at the CCL AGM, there will be a Carbon Busters information session on Wednesday, October 5 at 7pm in the lounge of the community hall. Please come with any questions regarding the capital projects for 2016.

Ice Maker Needed for Cloverdale Rink

WANTED: Cloverdale Community League is accepting applications for the Ice Maker position for the 2016-2017 winter season. Responsibilities include installation and maintenance of the ice. Please contact Janet at janmhardy@gmail.com for more information.

Summer Issue of the Cloverdale Chronicle is Now Available


Spring Issue of the Cloverdale Chronicle Now Available

Chronicle April 2016

Gallagher Park Survey

The City is looking for feedback from impacted parties regarding the Edmonton Ski Club’s use of its lease area on the East side of Gallagher hill for skiing. Please participate in this survey so that Cloverdale residents’ views are taken into account.

Complete Survey

Come Try Morning Yoga!

Come down and try Wednesday morning adult yoga class at the hall from 9:45-10:45 am. The instructor provides modifications for people with mobility challenges. No prior yoga experience is needed to enjoy this class. Everyone is welcome! $10/class or free for Cloverdale Community League members.

yoga pic

Winter Issue of the Cloverdale Chronicle Now Available

Chronicle January 2016

Fall Issue of the Cloverdale Chronicle Now Available

Chronicle October 2015

Action Request re LRT Project

The City is requesting feedback on a permanent road closure in Cloverdale associated with the SE LRT project. This is an important opportunity to make your voice heard on one of our long-standing concerns about the project.

As explained in this letter and map, the City is considering a proposal from LRT planners to permanently close the northbound lane of the road that links 98th Avenue to Connors Hill Road west of the Muttart Conservatory. This will require a bylaw approved by City Council.

This is in addition to the permanent closure of the southbound lane of Cloverdale Hill Road (from 97 Ave. to the top of the hill) that is also necessitated by the LRT project.

While CCL acknowledges the need to close the southbound lane of Cloverdale Hill Road, we object to the closure of the northbound lane of the Muttart road for the following reasons:

1. We believe the closure is required to create space for the 300-foot rail siding proposed for alongside the Muttart station. We believe the siding, which will be used to store extra railcars, disabled railcars, and track maintenance equipment, should not be located in the valley.

2. We believe it is unreasonable to further restrict vehicle access and egress for Cloverdale, beyond the restriction caused by the permanent closure of the southbound lane of Cloverdale Hill Road.

3. We believe the lane closure will inhibit the potential redevelopment of the Edmonton Ski Club, whose Master Plan calls for a new vehicle entrance lane connected to the Muttart road, that would reduce ESC and Folk Fest traffic in Cloverdale.

4. We believe the rail siding not only necessitates the lane closure, but also compromises the proposed Mill Creek daylighting project, as its proponents envision the restored creek running from the mouth of the ravine and alongside the Muttart road enroute to its original channel and River delta north of 98 Ave.

We therefore urge CCL members who share these concerns, or have other concerns, to convey them to the City Planner handling this application, and we recommend you copy your message to our Councillor Ben Henderson. Their contact information is below.

If you have any questions please contact CCL LRT Committee co-chair Paul Bunner at pbunner55gmail.com.

Thank you.
Paul Bunner

Sean Conway, Planner
City Wide Planning
Current Planning

Councillor Ben Henderson

Summer 2015 Cloverdale Chronicle Now Available

Cloverdale Chronicle July 2015

Spring Cloverdale Chronicle Now Available

Cloverdale Chronicle April 2015

Cloverdale Receives $5000 Community Garden Grant


Good news for green thumbs! Cloverdale recently received a $5000 grant from Sustainable Food Edmonton to start a community garden.

Cloverdale Rink Featured in Red Bull Crashed Ice Video

Check out this promotional video for Red Bull Crashed Ice to see the Cloverdale rink featured!

Valley Line LRT Project News Update

There have been a number of important developments related to the Southeast LRT project. They include the October release of the 90 percent redacted public version of the Request for Proposals (RFP) that was issued to the three multinational engineering and construction consortia that are bidding on the $1.8 billion project. As directed by City Council, concerned stakeholders and citizens were invited to submit questions in response to the public version of the RFP. Cloverdale’s questions sought the release of more detail from the RFP related to our community’s long-standing concerns about some of the design elements and construction scheduling in the river valley. City Administration posted answers to the RFP questions on the Valley Line LRT webpage January 7. The answers did not address Cloverdale’s outstanding design concerns, notably the proposed 300-foot rail siding in the river valley, said construction scheduling will be announced after the contractor is chosen, and refused to release more of the RFP. However, the answers did reveal that the estimated duration of construction of the project has increased from 4.5 to 5 years. They also noted that some “updates” have been made to the key Environmental Impact Screening Assessment, mainly to address Edmonton Ski Club and Edmonton Folk Music Festival concerns, Riverdale concerns about construction impacts on Cameron Avenue, and actions to improve river valley trail connectivity during construction. These updates will be the subject of a public meeting February 3, 5-8:30 pm, at the Old Timers Cabin. The successful bidder for the Valley Line LRT project is expected to be chosen in late 2015, with construction to commence in January 2016. There is some speculation that the fall of oil prices and government revenues may impact the schedule.

Winter 2015 Cloverdale Chronicle Now Available

Chronicle January 2015

January 2015 LRT Update

Review the LRT report for January, which includes a letter to MLA David Dorward.

Community Garden Update

The Cloverdale Community Garden club had the Annual General Meeting on October 27, 2014. Read more…

2015 Cloverdale Program and Class Schedule

Interested in signing up for a yoga class or brushing up on your drawing skills? Check out the new classes and programs offered for 2015!

Commercial Development Survey Analysis

Below is a link to an analysis of Cloverdale’s commercial development survey prepared by officials with the City of Edmonton’s Corner Store Pilot Program. Cloverdale commercial development survey analysis

Cloverdale LRT Update

Many residents probably saw last week’s Journal stories about City LRT planners redacting much of the design and construction detail in the RFP. This ignores Council’s clear instruction that Administration share as much detail as possible with the public. We have 30 days, until November 8, to respond to the RFP. The current media and public interest in the story is a great opportunity to get our concerns on the table and hopefully achieve some of our objectives.Please take the time to read the Journal stories herehere, and here, and register comments calling on the City to open up the RFP and address our concerns. The current plan still calls for a 90 metre rail siding adjacent to the Muttart Station, and a 5000-square foot storage building and a large power substation in the parkland across from the greenhouses. In our opinion, putting all this peripheral LRT infrastructure in the valley is a mistake our City will regret for generations. The current plan also sets the total project construction timeline at 4.5 years, without specifying how long the valley will be a major construction zone, and it projects that the footbridge will be down for almost three years. The RFP is where these design flaws should be corrected and where the construction timelines should be tightened. If you agree, please communicate these messages as widely as possible, including online comments about the Journal stories, Facebook and Twitter posts, and by phone or email to our Councillor Ben Henderson. You can also communicate them directly to the LRT planners at lrtprojects@edmonton.ca or 780-496-4874 (voicemail).  Please feel free to contact the LRT committee Co-chairs with your comments, suggestions and questions. Thanks, Paul Bunner and Glenn Selland, Co-chairs, CCL LRT committee

Autumn Cloverdale Chronicle Now Available

View your digital copy  here: Chronicle Fall 2014

Cloverdale Community League Commercial Development Survey Results

Thanks to community members who took time to complete the survey before July 15th. If you would like to see the results, the survey summary is available below. If you would like to comment, please send the league an email cloverdalechronicle@gmail.com CCL Commercial Dvlpmt Survey Questions CCL Development Survey Results

Summer 2014 Cloverdale Chronicle is available online here:

Chronicle June 2014

Cloverdale LRT Survey Results Available

The LRT Committee of the Cloverdale Community League conducted a survey of local residents from November 9-17 using a combination of the SurveyMonkey online polling service and hand-delivered surveys. Emails were sent to 201 community league members directing them to the Survey Monkey site; 146 completed the survey by the 17th. The survey was hand-delivered to approximately 340 households, producing another 23 responses, for a total of 169. There are 448 households in Cloverdale, which has a total population of 885 (2012 census). It is important to note that the survey questions were composed by members of the LRT committee of the Cloverdale Community League and reflect their assumptions about the current main local concerns in the community, based on feedback obtained during the last four years from numerous community meetings and events, including LRT and AGM meetings. The survey methodologies are unscientific, and the results may not accurately reflect the community consensus on the current design of the LRT project in the river valley. If you would like to view the complete survey results summary please click on the links below:

2013 LRT Survey Summary
2013 LRT Survey Responses_Full

If you would like to view the conclusions and recommendations made by the LRT Committee based on Cloverdale community input, please click on the following link.

LRT Committee Recommendations

Any comments or further input regarding the planned LRT development through Cloverdale are welcome. Contact the LRT Committee through the CCL Civics Director, Paul at Email Visit the City of Edmonton link below to look at the plans for the proposed Valley Line.

Click here to see Valley Line informatio