Snow Angels Program Returns

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Who Shovelled My Walk?

The Cloverdale Community League (CCL) has partnered with youth in the neighbourhood and the City of Edmonton to shovel the front walks of seniors and others who may have difficulty shovelling snow this year. It’s free of charge!

What’s the catch, you ask?

Nothing is free, you say. Well, there’s no financial cost to the households that participate. The youth are paid $10/snow event through a grant that at CCL received from the City of Edmonton.

But here’s what it takes to make it work for everybody:

  • Cloverdale youth sign up eligible households and commit to shovel the walk across the front of the house and the sidewalk and steps up to the front door. The youth have the tools for the job.
  • Seniors and others who may find shovelling challenging can sign up to have their walks shovelled.
  • The youth and the neighbour get to make a community connection, and we break barriers of isolation and build bridges in a difficult year
  • Youth gain valuable experience — communications, responsibility, attention to detail
  • The neighbourhood is safer for everyone

How can you help?

Cloverdale youth interested in participating:

  1. Please contact Reg at to apply.
  2. Please complete this application form: Cloverdale Community League Snow Angel – Youth Application

Seniors and folks with challenges:

  1. Please contact Reg at
  2. Please complete the Householder Registration Form (link here) to add your name to the list and get details.

Other details

Many seniors are capable of shovelling our own walks, but the CCL encourages you to participate in order to give Cloverdale youth a great opportunity to meet their neighbours and contribute in a meaningful way to building the neighbourhood and keeping it safe. This is about snow and neighbours.

We hope that Cloverdale will pull together to make this happen. It all depends on us.

The fine print—Some restrictions apply. The grant guidelines stipulate that this program is for seniors and people with disabilities. Premises (e.g., condominiums, townhouses, businesses) that have snow removal contracts are not eligible.

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