Tawatina Celebration

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drawing of Tawatina Bridge


Join us in celebration on December 12 at 2pm at the Tawatinâ bridge, where neighbours from Cloverdale and Riverdale will reconnect after 5 years of separation. There will be a smudging ceremony, live music, goodies from local businesses, and over 400 art pieces to experience. The artist, David Garneau, is expected to attend, as well as some of Edmonton’s new local leaders.

Bring a Donation

We are asking all who wish to attend this event to bring a donation of gloves, mittens, toques, hats etc. for distribution via https://www.warmhandswarmhearts.ca/ to distribute to those that are braving this winter without these items.

Indigenous Naming

Tawatinâ [Ta-wa-ti-nâ] means “Valley” in Cree. The River Valley has been an important meeting place for generations. The name was approved by Edmonton’s Naming Committee in 2013.


There are nearly 400 pieces of art that are installed on the ceiling of the pedestrian portion of the bridge, which is located on a separate level underneath the LRT tracks. The art was commissioned and provided by Métis artist David Garneau and his students. David, who is originally from Edmonton, will be present for the opening of the pedestrian walkway and the unveiling of the art. In turn, we are asking for any children that would like to come to the opening to please bring a drawing they have made of the new bridge. We have a surprise treat for them all after the celebration.

LRT Construction & Bridge History

The original Cloverdale footbridge was opened in 1978 as part of Capital City Recreation Park, and was built by the Government of Alberta in consultation with the City. It was the only non-vehicle river-crossing bridge in downtown Edmonton. Five years ago, the bridge that joined Cloverdale and Riverdale was demolished to allow for LRT construction.

This year, the two neighbourhoods will be reconnected as the shared-use portion of the bridge opens for use. The LRT portion of the bridge is still incomplete due to Covid-19 related delays, but a test train did successfully cross the bridge in November. The line is expected to become operational in the first quarter of 2022.


Covid-19 Safety

This event is in public space. To help protect health, masking and physical-distancing requirements are in place. Please stay home if you feel unwell or may have Covid-19. Vaccination against COVID-19 is highly encouraged.

More information

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Marilyn at neighbourhoodconnector@cloverdalecommunity.com

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