Folk Fest Policy Passed

Jun 22, 2022News0 comments


Update 2023: 

This article is from 2022. For more recent news on the Folk Fest, please visit the News section.



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On Tuesday, June 21, the community league members voted on a proposed policy to address recent developments with the Folk Fest ticket policy. The votes were 73 yes votes, and 29 no votes. This means the policy was passed. The policy is as follows:

  • The CCL will administer the ticket process. Note that this is actually stipulated as a function of the board in the bylaws :oversee the distribution of the Folk Festival passes to members annually”
  • All CCL members in the previous “free ticket” zone will be entitled to a ticket for 2022.
  • Residents of the Landing will maintain their “early access” ability.
  • If more than 525 tickets are required, the league will acquire the tickets. The cost of these tickets will be offset with what the EFMF owes us for the hall rental. 
  • Because this is a CCL program, in order to obtain an EFMF ticket at no cost, you will need to be a member of the CCL. 2021/2022 Memberships will need to be acquired by June 30th.
  • A standing committee will be created to work with the EFMF to create a formalized ticket agreement with the EFMF for 2023 and onward. This committee will also explore creative options to include the Landing.

The Community League encourages people to join the Folk Fest committee to help organize a plan for future discussions with the Folk Fest. You can also run for Community League Board Positions at the upcoming AGM. Thank you for everyone that attended, shared their feedback, and helped with counting the votes. 


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